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No loud ringing of your phone, but also no misheard calls! Simple, but powerful. Easy silencer - awesome tool for your phone.

Quick silence - for a period of time - then the phone will return to the original volume automatically

Draw your day - Enter the maximum level of tone for your day - and the phone will not interfere you with too loud ringtones

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Easy and powerful

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Easy Silencer

Easy Silencer is an Android application directed to getting control over the volume of a telephone ringing. Its functionality can be divided into two parts - automatic volume setting up and quick turning down for a certain time.

Automatic volume setting

Automatic volume setting enables simple volume setting for chosen hours, it is done very easily and innovatively - just "draw" on the screen maximum volume during a day. No complicated settings are required! It is also possible to have profiles for different days of week.

Rapid turning down of the ringing for a given time

To avoid necessity to turn on ringing, e.g. after movies showing, Easy Silencer provides just to turn down the telephone ringer for a certain time. Later the ringing volume returns to the original volume. The telephone does not remain in a silent regime by mistake when you do not wish it. For simplification the application contains widgets with the possibility of rapid turning down. Also the integration with the popular Dash Clock Widget is available.

The application is in Google Play Store for free. If the users have an interest in more widgets, a version without ads and in particular to support further development of Easy Silencer, it is possible to get PRO version for just $0.99.